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We now quote and build all cabinetry as full-access.  Inset face frame is available as an option.

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Written List of Features

This is a written list of some basic, important advantages of working with Cabinet Designs. Please consider these points when investing your money in your custom cabinetry and millwork!



One of the most important things to homeowners, architects, and interior designers today is finding someone they can place their trust and confidence in. This is an integral part of Cabinet Designs and our interaction with our clients. We highly value ANY feedback that will help us improve our business and provide our clients with unmatched service. Our membership in the Cabinet Makers Association allows us to provide you with the BEST service a custom cabinet company can possibly offer, whether large or small.


Layout & Design Capabilities

Cabinet Designs is able to provide you with detailed drawings of floor plans, elevations, etc. You will want to be able to see & know details such as drawer/drawer opening heights & widths, interior depths, verified openings & locations for appliances, verified locations for rollout shelving, adjustable shelving, drawer banks, etc. Cabinet Designs provides detailed drawings of each set of cabinetry or millwork, as well as samples of selected finishes, trim, etc. to ensure that there are no disappointments for our clients.


Finish Quality

One of the most important aspects of fine cabinetry is the finish.  Even a high quality cabinet project can be degraded by poor finish application.  There is no substitute for a factory finish of high quality finish materials and skill.  There are two basic parts to an outstanding finish, the 1st being the skill of application, and the 2nd being the quality level of the finish.  It's really hard to know the difference without seeing it for yourself, but when you see the difference, it's unmistakable. Stain and color application should be even and not blotchy in appearance, yet highlight the natural beauty of the wood.  Finish surface should be flat and glass smooth, without "orange peel", sags, runs, or other finish imperfections.  (note: wood grain of open grained woods will always show through the finish, but it should still have a smooth feel)   These types of finish are not realistically achievable under normal site conditions.  We find that there are many contractors and painters who claim they have the resources or abilities to produce a great finish onsite, however, we find that their actual work rarely, if ever, measures up to our standards.  We finish all our cabinetry before delivery, using industry leading Kremlin and CAT equipment, plenty of lighting, and adequate ventilation, and skill achieved through years of hands-on and formal training, achieving unparalleled finish quality.  Our catalyzed conversion varnish is much more resistant to normal kitchen and bath usage than anything that any painter can apply onsite.